Futuball Whitepaper

What is Futuball?

Hmmm ... Football is way too familiar, what about Football in the future time? We call it Futuball
Why Futuball?
Futuball is the combination of the two words: Future and Football. Futuball brings the most satisfying experience in the football management game genre and allows the incomparable play-to-earn that is promised to make your World Cup season to a higher level.
Story plot
A thousand years after, the world has renovated much that can't be imaginable from now. Human is merged with artificial parts, these cyborgs that time owns superior strength compared to us in the past. Then, sports competitions are no longer necessary as everyone can be as strong as each other, except for football. Football is still a king sport that attracts millions of watchers around the universe. When the players are all equal in power, then the decisive factor for victory is in the hand of the team's manager. The future goes parallel with massive alternation in humans' lives, except for Football. In many years after, World Cup is still the world's largest sports competition in the world. The time has changed but the heat of the most attractive tournament hasn't. In a role of a professional coach of your football team, you have to use your management skills to compete in your ways for the victory toward the most prestigious cup and join millions of hearts sobbing with the beat of football, eating, sleeping, cheering with each victory in the World Cup season.
About Futuball
With the support of AI technology and an advanced blockchain system, Futuball allows you to collect, build and manage a team of the eleven most monstrous and efficient football legends ever to become the best football manager of the future!
Futuball is expected to be released at the end of 2022.
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